20 Personalized Handcrafted Home Anniversary Greeting Cards Service for Realtors

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Personalized Handcrafted  “Home Anniversary Card for Realtors”! 

Send your clients a yearly Home Anniversary Card to help keep in touch with them!. Your clients will love an annual Home Anniversary Card to reminisce all of the years that they have been a resident of their home. Also, it will keep you top of mind when the homeowner might want to sell or buy a new property. 

With Randi's Card Place it is easy... 

We will custom design you a personalized Home Anniversary card with your logo and tagline. 

The Home Anniversary Cards will be mailed back to you with pre-addressed envelopes and the anniversary date typed on the upper right-hand corner (where you would place a stamp) for an easy reminder when to mail them out.  
There is no contract or fees. We need a .cvs file of your client's names, address, and anniversary date.
To help with the design of your anniversary cards, we will need the following (only for branding purposes)

  • Font names
  • Logo PNG. or Pdf file
  • Any specific color code