20 Personalized Home Anniversary Cards Service for Realtors

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Personalized Handmade “Home Anniversary Card for Realtors”! 

Send your clients a yearly Home Anniversary Card to help keep in touch with them!. Your clients will love a yearly Home Anniversary Card to reminisce the years that they have been residence in their new home. Also it will keep you top of mind when they might want to sell or buy a new property. 

With Randi's Card Place it is easy.... 

We will custom design you a personalized Home Anniversary card with your logo and tag line. 

The Home Anniversary Cards will be mailed back to you with pre addressed envelopes and the anniversary date typed on the upper right hand corner (where you would place a stamp) for a easy reminder when to mail them out.  
There is no contract or fees. We need a .cvs file of your clients names, address and anniversary date.
To help with the design of your anniversary cards we will need the following (only for branding purposes)
  • color codes 
  • fonts names
  • logo in a .PNG. or PS file